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when he wins the million. from northvale, new jersey, please welcome steve simons. hey, steve. >> thank you. >> for those of you who might have missed yesterday's show, tell us what's in the drink. >> okay, it's--i created this with you in mind. >> yes. littletle sweet. little nutty. it's vanilla vodka. it's a hazelnut liqueur. it's irish cream and a touch of half-and-half. >> doesn't that sound good? it's like a holiday drink. and we agreed yesterday that we did not want to be impaired while playing the game. >> which was wise. >> which was wise. although i normally drink before the game, but this time, i'm not going to. >> who doesn't? >> and so we are going to celebrate with this when you make it to $1 million, which you are going to do. >> amen. >> amen, all right. [cheers and applause] so, steve, just to recap now, you're still taking on round 1. so far you have banked $37,500. 8 away from the million. 4 away from round 2. and you still have two lifelines. are you ready to play? >> i'm ready when you are. >> okay, audience, are you ready? [cheers and applause] well, then i'm ready
to jihadist groups it seems to me to be quite limited. >> suarez: if, steve simon, the united states intervened earlier in the conflict would at no time set of choices facing american policymakers have been broader? would the united states have had more room for maneuver? >> it's a very difficult question to answer. this is going to be-- and already is-- a long and grinding conflict. it's quite likely we're at the beginning of in the relative terms. so whether in that context the u.s. would have taken the step that it's taken now six months ago whether that would have had some kind of significant effect on the course of events thus far i think is just not plausible. i think we're in for a really long haul which is why the program secretary kerry announced today is important because it's building the capacity of the opposition to sustain itself and tend to the care and feeding of the syrian people during this very long drawnout period where we're going to see some awful things, i would imagine. >> suarez: steven heydemann? >> i tend to take a different view. the relationships we're so
saw there paul simon and steve marten met him at the door. you see dan ackroyd and chevy chase popped in as well. >> i'm fam mishd. waiter? >> hors d'oeuvres? >> i believe it is pronounced whore devores. >> of course, sir. >> five-timers alec batted win and tom hank there is as well, along with the first female club member, candace bergen, who complained there's just no women's restroom around. very funny. thanks for watching nbc bay area news at 5:00. >> stay with us for more local news in just a couple of minutes. we will see you then. >>> good evening, i'm teri. >> i'm diane von furstenberg. people are -- up 30% from last year. police are not prioritizing the crimes when the evidence is hand delivered. nbc bay area has the family's frustrati frustration. >> we are on woodley drive. four homes have been hit in the last half year. it happened a month ago. the car pulled up next to the house. it was caught on a security camera, hard to see, but there on the neighbor's security camera on the roof. the guy broke into a side fence. $20,000 in mostly heirloom jewelry was taken. an officer
. >> a thank you to jay-z, dan ak kroid, alec baldwin, steve martin, adam sandberg, paul simon. what a show! >> i missed it. i have to check it out on google. >>> audiences were off to see the
steve martin and paul simon welcomed in the new five timer of tom hangs. >>> martin and dan aykroyd stayed on that act. they played the brothers of a checkle slovakia member. >> bachelor number three, your perfect date? >> perfect date, we will have many bottles of sparkly wine from long island. >> next, hold your horses, barney, because it's time for a personal ride in our own stretch limousine, which we own for work. >> bachelor number two, it's raining out and we have to stay in. describe a night at home with me ♪ it's raining out ♪ we're soaking wet ♪ we dry you off with an old robe ♪ ♪ it's not as bad as it sounds ♪ we get in bed and watch our favorite cartoon ♪ ♪ i'm talking about huey, dewey, lieuy ♪ ♪ duck tails >>> let's come out and meet our favorite contenders. ♪ we're wild and crazy guys >> all right. still ahead on way too early, why are you awake? your tweets, your texts and e-mails are ahead. "morning joe" just movemenments now. ♪ ♪ fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office
with saturday night live. >> they mocked the concept by marking the five-timer smoking jack get. paul simon and steve martin met him at the door. pretty cool. original cast member dan aykroyd tended bar and check out chevy chase dropping in as well. >> i'm fam mished, waiter. >> yes. >> hors d'oeurves? >> i believe it's pronounced hors d'oeurves. >> of course, sir. >> martin short there and five-timers alec baldwin and tom hanks there as well. it was amazing along with the first female club member, candace bergen who complained there's no women's rest room there. >>> coming up at 11:00, it started out as a class for one to help a friend. now tens of thousands of meals are being delivered to cancer patients. the story to make you bay area proud. >>> an alligator that's making a big splash. we'll show you why he's making history. >>> the cardinals who will elect the next pope break from preparations today in vatican city. we'll show you what they did instead. >>> we have breaking news from san francisco where emergency crews are trying to recover a body found in an elevator shaft at the montg
work. >> would you hold on? >> hi, steve. it's simon. can i ask you about your industrial control units, the first to be targeted by the m malware around the world? that was a well documented story. you were right at the start of the cyber issues that we've had. what have you learned to do in response to that. you met the president yesterday. what are the recommendations that you're laying down for the rest of the american industry now? >> well, we have done a lot over last three years to improve the cyber protection that we have on our technology and also working very closely with our customers, with the governments, including working very closely with the u.s. government and working with various researchers to improve it. we have gone out with various customers and put patches in. so more recently that can't happen. and we're developing more and better products so those things don't happen in the future. >> to many people it seems that we're way behind the game on this. there hasn't been the investment in security to invest in the nation. do you think there's a problem with the busine
simon there. now the other five-timers in their smoking jackets, steve martin, chevy chase, tom hanks, alec baldwin, and candace bergen. dan aykroyd and martin short appeared as a waiter. >>> a massachusetts dad gets an "a" for creativity. >> every day, he spices up his children's lunch by drawing eye-catching cartoons on the sandwich bags. he's been doodling on the bags for about five years now. >> so far, the dad has come up with more than 1,000 different drawings. his talents don't end there. he makes the sandwiches, too. g. it's a labor of love. it's a lot of labor and it's a lot of love. i don't need to go to the gym. my job is my workout. you're shoveling ice all day long. it's rough on the back. it's rough on the shoulders. i get muscle aches all over. advil® is great. pain and soreness is just out of the picture. [ male announcer ] make the switch. take action. take advil®. and for sinus congestion, now you can get advil® combined with a proven decongestant. breathe easier with advil® congestion relief. but there are foods that i had no idea had so much acid in them. my de
's a conservative institute on the campus. >> i want to read mark simone my pal steve forbes tweets capitalism is the most moral system because it respects man's rights. now stanford may not agree with that but do i. >> you're being a little out dated. we're in the obama economy. a college student doesn't need to study capitalism, moves into his parents house, lives there until he's 30. is on their health care plan. where do you find a professor to teach the joys of capitalism. >> there has to be somebody out there. >> they are there but they are a vanishing minority. >> capitalism is freedom. i appeal to your higher spirits. there must be an agreement with us some place. capitalism is about freedom. live, liberty and pursuit of happiness is done best through the free market capitalist system. >> i agree with you, larry. i don't know what stanford is doing. obviously they can do what they want because they are a private university and we have freedom of speech but i certainly would encourage the teaching of capitalism on campus. but i think you're all on a different planet. liberals are very s
is unlikely, simon. >> you know, steve. it's astounding to reflect on the fact that we've now had ultra low interest rates for four years and goldman is suggesting today it could be another three years that they stay that low. ultra low interest rates in america for seven years. that would be astounding. >> it would be. so seven years would bring us out to 2016. i think that's a year beyond where the average consensus in the market. goldman may be more dove earn, but not out of bounds, i would think. it depends on how you define ultra low interest rates and it is not crazy to think that it could be 2% in the fed funds rate and that's a big question that when the fed starts to move how quickly will it be forced to move and why? will it be because of inflation concerns that would force it to move and move very quickly, but 2016 being the outside of the range of when interest rates are thought to rise that the point. >> steve, it's great to see you so revved up. i look forward to what happens this afternoon. be sure to catch cnbc's special report. "the fed decision on interest rates" with spec
, steve martin, alec baldwin, paul simon, tom hanks and candice bergen, all in the sketch with justin to open the show. he was so darn funny. we're seeing right there the singing tofu. that was my favorite. veg out, no meat, so chic. i love that. >> all right. tell us what happened to justin bieber. what was up with that? >> well, not a good week for him. you know, this past week he celebrated his 19th birthday, which he described on twitter as his worst birthday. he suffered a mysterious illness during one concert, showed up two hours late to another, had a verbal altercation with the paparazzi and seen walking the streets of london shirtless and also had a gas mask on, which he says that he allegedly -- he wore to allegedly throw off the paparazzi. even bieber himself called it a rough week. but it does keep going. after four sold out shows in london, tomorrow night his scheduled concert in portugal has been canceled by promoters. the reports were that there were not enough tickets that were sold for the show. he is playing a concert tonight in lisbon and portugal and he responded o
with money laundering and probably not the best approach, steve, on reflection. >> i don't understand, simon. >> okay. we'll leave it there. thank you, much. >> sure. >> straight ahead on the program. a record order from airbus for one of boeing's top customers. we'll break it down and what exactly it means for boeing and we're right after the break. stay with us. [ male announcer ] when you wear dentures you may not know that your mouth is under attack, from food particles and bacteria. try fixodent. it helps create a food seal defense for a clean mouth and kills bacteria for fresh breath. ♪ fixodent, and forget it. [ laughter ] ♪ [ female announcer ] each one of us is our own boss. ♪ and no matter where you are in life, ask your financial professional how lincoln financial can help you take charge of your future. ♪ has an equally thrilling, lesser-known counterpart. conquer them with the exhilarating is 250. get great values on your favorite lexus models during the command performance sales event. this is the pursuit of perfection. >>> welcome back to "squawk on the street." i'm jo
brought back steve martin, chevy chase, dan aykroyd, alec baldwin, tom hanks, martin short. >> paul simon. >> the hall of portraits, drew barrymore inducted in 2007, john goodman hosted 11 consecutive years and of course chevy. chevy, what a surprise. >> oh, steve, i never see you anymore. >> i know, it's a shame. >> no, it's on purpose. >> some nights that show just feels huge. that was a huge show, not just because timberlake was there but to see all the people sharing the stage. >> and jay-z which was great. >> people fail to realize how talented justin timberlake is. he's so far from a one-dimensional king. he has a great sense of humor, his timing is great, he sings and performs. could you see a guy like that hosting an awards show. our generation, young, up and coming. >> i'm thinking oscars next year. >> they should do that actually. >> i'll arrange it. "snl" posting its best ratings in over a year as a result. >> when he's the line-up you're going to get the ratings. >>> now how about a look at the other headlines. >>> on the eve of the historic conclave to choose a new pope, cath
the tires on it, steve. >> i think i did a lot of tire kicking there, simon, if i'm not mistaken. >> 271,000 for february last year. it turned out maybe there was a problem with the adjustments. certainly we gave it back over the coming months. have they changed the way they calculated it this time around or could it be overinflated because of the ways they attempt to count for the season? >> no doubt there's a lot of seasonality, a lot of strength in the winter that look like it's coming from some problem with the seasonals. the expectation now, simon, is the seasonals have caught up to it, and that it's taking that into account this time. but you don't know. we'll see if we have another swoon because of the seasonality of the numbers. >> okay. all right. certainly it's boosted the stock market. steve, thank you very much. senior economic correspondent there. let's bring in our guest. >> it validates our belief that the u.s. private sector is doing very well. the private sector has been driven by cheap energy, improvement in manufacturing, innovation and productivity. there's a really g
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)